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Laura: deeply resonating documentary, well worth watching. I had the chills for the entire show ! Highly recommended if you have time to watch. No worries, they speak english! Scientists speaking about them finding mermaid bones, and being stopped by the navy from continuing.. one hour and a half almost but watch small clips from it and last 5 mimutes.. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L !!

I think for security reasons the scientists here are not themselves, but we are seing actors impersonating them. Also, some of the names of scientists and institutions are not real, for security and employment reasons I guess. This docu was aired on animal planet nevertheless.. so I guess no smoke without fire!
For those of you who are skeptics, here is Homeland security shutting off those NOAA scientists website:

動物星球頻道【真實美人魚:科學的假設】 – YouTube.

After checking in a little more, as a few people are thinking that this is fiction, here is what I have found on project Avalon:

Here’s the actor who played “Dr. Paul Robertson”:

Here’s the actress who played “Dr. Rebecca Davis” (aka Dr. Becky Davis):

dr rebecca davis noaa kosha engler
There is no “NOAA Fisheries Dept”, where both the above supposedly worked. There is a NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service within the United States Department of Commerce (note that the word “Department” applies to a much larger, encompassing institution.
I cannot locate a Sr. Stephen Peasall, Smithsonian Institute or a Dr. Rodney Webster, University of South Florida.
I suspect that the disclaimers at the end of this movie are truely stated:
Quote though certain events in this film are fictional
navy sonar tests have been directly
implicated in whale beachings
“The Bloop” is a real phenomenon
there is still debate about what it may be
none of the institutions or agencies that
appear in the film are affiliated or associated with it
in any way, nor have they approved its contents
any similarities in the film to actual persons
living or dead is entirely coincidental




Hello, I'm Chilean and I believe you Rebecca. In our popular culture there are stories of mermaids. "The Pincoya" is the name of this mermaid. I think Chilean sea currents together with the sum of the magnetic line are an ideal place for navigation of sirens for our coastlines, especially austrual Chilean territory. I think it would be interesting an expedition to those ocean waters. I send warm greetings to you.

Miguel A. González M.

there are many things out there. which we have not yet found . most we should just leave well enough alone . other things like navy sonar used as a weapon should be stopped before it's too late . doing more harm than help.. mankind's greed and search for weapon's to control . sad they will not listen to those skilled in science . may you be blessed with wisdom and understanding for the sake of all humanity on land and below the deep.

I have seen mermaid in 1977. I was 7 years old that time. Their skin mixed grey and blue. They are not pleasant animal they are meat eaters and hunters. Pls who ever go to sea to search and study them must be well equip.

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