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Rihanna is the most liked to look sexy in a variety of opportunities, both at a gig or in everyday life. And look Rihanna is never far from sexy and sensual aura, often eccentric Rihanna when wearing clothes.

It was made ​​by Rihanna when she was coming to dinner to an Italian restaurant in New York, Sunday (11/3) night. Like to draw the attention of Adam, Rihanna wore in the chest was clear.

Rihanna wore a black sweater. But strangely, sweaters are just on the chest Rihanna. While on the chest covered translucent materials. Of course, the shape of the chest Rihanna seen.

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The same is also done Rihanna while doing an interview on a BBC Radio One Daybreak last week. Looks Crish Brown's ex-lover dressed in loose-paced abstract patterned with V collar pieces that seem like showing off cleavage beautifully.

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