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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Darren Sharper Girlfriend and Wife

Lexa Vega : Darren Sharper Girlfriend - Who is not familiar with Darren Sharper, all must know, he was a former NFL star but do you know who the girlfriend of Darren Sharper?

Rumors that have been circulated says Darren Sharper (age 39) dating with Elizabeth Morris. Then who Elizabeth Morris? At one point, Elizabeth Morris was his publicist Darren Sharper but she is also his girlfriend Darren Shaper.

During this time, Darren Shaper allegedly a date with Elizabeth Morris, there are also rumors that Darren Sharper girlfriend was Model Dollicia Bryan. true or not, such rumors swirl. To be sure, Darren Sharper not have a wife and do not have a son or a daughter (children or kids).

See pictures below Darren Shaper girlfriend rumors.

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