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Friday, March 6, 2015

Laura B Salon

Laura B and Valensiya - Girl anybody or anything looks mature but he did some of the most "wow" when staged. The girls standing around the clothes, it seems that "wow". They then received orders to pose a certain way and the camera focuses on them or whatever it is.

And remember, that "child beauty contest" there. Children trust of authority figures. But how do you think c_a_n_d_y_ doll.tv part of "child beauty contest"?

Who is this beauty and cutie pie?

Who Laura B is his Model real name is Lerav Romannovf, is the girl from the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk, the possibility now she is no longer active in Cdoll considering the current age will have about 17 or 18 years or even more.

Then can get your personal information. it is actually very difficult to find pictures of him on the internet since 2012.

Here we have the last picture that she published, and it does look quite tired face with the passage of time.

What it is, is that fortunately seems to have the full release pseudocompaƱia Cdoll call, because for them, she was very old, but adapted all of the photographic material.

Laura B. remained hidden until now, so it is worth mentioning that expire from Russia to China, in the last place where he was forced to belong Cdoll.

See who this cute girl?

Valensiya, Who Valensiya a young girl and Models and actresses on TV. Valensiya also used to be a blogger but because it has been taken down. Not much information we can provide, you can see valensiya video here. Anyway, the important thing is that they are fine and healthy. We hope to help and have a happy day for you.



You have not seen much pictures right? And do not worry, here is a collection of pics that we share to you.

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