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Monday, March 2, 2015

Mosabakat Maftouha Mohamed Amoura Radio

Mosabakat Maftouha Mohamed Amoura Radio - Among the radio programs provided by the national radio on the morning of each one of the ninth to the eleventh program competitions are open, which oversees the submission Mohammed Gomorrah where put through a series of questions to the listeners in order to compete in the matter and win prize money or a capture devices national channels via digital terrestrial broadcasting, do not say frankly that this program was in its infancy scintillating and custom demand has been from the presence of listeners who were queuing up to this program and participation in the abundance and Hamas to the point that the program was dispense with some of the calls and apologizes to their owners at the end of each episode. In addition to the nature of the questions that were provided, which carries the momentum of ideas and information in the various fields of knowledge.

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As for the awards was a money important and was delivered in time for their owners, but what is observed for this program, especially in recent months it has become known as alienated from the presence of listeners who are not able and willing to waste their time in the program of the unregenerate from behind and perhaps helped to expose the disastrous quiz absurd, excuse «Mosabakat Maftouha» that he gave up his job core where he became interested in submitting material singing while remained calls listeners lukewarm and rare, and here remain the responsibility lying on the director and in charge of receiving calls Mustafa Hakim, who advise him to be wise with calls listeners give us something of interest instead put their numbers in the telephone regulations are thrown in the trash at the end of each episode. Adding insult to injury is that the program was re-asking questions already the program that put forward in previous episodes, where the re-proposed questions in the program cost him a property of diversity and inclusiveness and thus dropped the program in routine and repetition thing that cost him his brilliance and shine, and here I whisper in the ears of the program Mohammed Gomorrah : Are the sources of information-based questions in the selection of the program implemented?? I tell you that the preset and search hard behind the success of each program in addition to the experience of radio is slighted by, All I wish is to exceed the program lapses past and intends to push ahead to achieve the difficult equation between the recreational and educational and raising the level of questions is therefore necessary to reconsider the way in which it is delivered program to contribute to the enrichment of the balance of knowledge to members of this nation and to accelerate the delivery of prizes to the winners who have long waiting for them.



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